Saturday, September 13, 2014



01 Scoring (Tapping You Up)
02 Tempted (Phallic Rub Mix)
03 Swallow (It´s L.A.)
04 Bloodstream
05 B-On-E (Do E Rave Mix)
06 Constant High (Groove On)
07 Back to Reality
08 Thee Eagle Has Landed
09 White Saints - S.U.C.K. or Know!
10 Tempter (Trip Reset Mix)
11 Still B-On-E (Candy Flip)
12 Gone Paranoid (Freak Tent Freak)
13 Loose Nut (Deep Space Vision)

uk cd 1994
part 1, part 2


Anonymous said...

thanks chemical beats, much appreciated!

marsteden said...

great stuff! do you have beyond thee infinite beat? love to hear that again too.

zttco said...

Yes, I have it too. I will do the upload.

Anonymous said...

Another good one would be Sirens, the sequel to Ultradrug...sorry to ask, but you don't have that one too do you? Fantastic blog, by the way, great to hear all this music again.