Monday, February 27, 2012

Baby Ford / Oochy Koochy (F.U. Baby Yeh Yeh)


A Oochy Koochy (F.U. Baby Yeh Yeh)
B1 Untitled
B2 Untitled

oochy koochy (f.u. baby yeh yeh) uk 12'' 1988

"B side consists of two tracks. One is saying "Thank you ladies and gentlemen, thank you, and thank you very much", followed by some silence. The stylus then jumps into a locked groove silent track."
B side is not in zip file.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

techno playtime...

Screen II / Hey Mr DJ


A Hey Mr DJ (The Cathedral House Mix)
AA1 Hey Mr DJ (12'' Edit)
AA2 Hey Mr DJ (Stab Mix)

hey mr dj uk 12'' 1993

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hypnotone / Dream Beam


01 Dream Beam (Ben Chapman 7'' Edit)
02 Dream Beam (Ben Chapman 12'' Remix)
03 Dream Beam (Hypnotone Original Mix)

dream beam uk cds 1990

Innerzone Orchestra / Bug In The Bassbin


01 Bug In The Bassbin (Original Mix)
02 Bug In The Bassbin (Jazz Mix)
03 Bug In The Bassbin (Street Mix)
04 Bug In The Bassbin (4 Hero Mix)
05 Bug In The Bassbin (Graphic Dub)
06 Bug In The Bassbin (Future_Past Mix)
07 Bug In The Bassbin (Peshay Mix)

bug in the bassbin uk cdm 1996

Hypnotone / Hypnotonic


01 Hypnotonic
02 Yu-Yu Ftd Mix
03 Yu-Yu

hypnotonic uk cdm 1991

Hypnotone / Hypnotone


A1 Dream Beam
A2 Junovia
A3 Potion 90
A4 Italia
B1 In Joy
B3 Sub

hypnotone uk lp 1990

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Liquid Kitchen

In 1999, XRS (Xerxes), wanted to do collective with Patife, Mad Zoo and Marky. But it ended up working out alone with Marquinhos (Marky)...

Marky chose the Jorge Ben and Toquinho's sample of "Carolina Carol Bela" and worked with XRS for two weeks to produce "LK" (Liquid Kitchen). Liquid Kitchen? Yes, the music took its name because the two spent many nights awake producing music and drinking too much coffee, beer and wine.

LK led the pair to the program "Top of the Pops" and the single became the most successful the history of brazilian music in England. By 2008 at least...

DJ Marky & XRS - LK (Remix) / Love Fantasy

A LK (Remix)
AA Love Fantasy

lk (remix) / love fantasy uk 12'' 2002

Monday, February 20, 2012

Brazilian Hip-House

In 1988, Brazil launched the first album (compilation) of hip hop with 100% national productions...
Here they were revealed two of the biggest names in national hip hop - Thaide (MC) & DJ Hum.

On disk, contains the first two tracks of the duo: "Corpo Fechado" and "Homens da Lei"...

But more interesting is that while the authors without even knowing it, was also launched the first brazilian hip-house, and particularly the best track of 14 "rap's" compilation.


01 Thaide & DJ Hum - Corpo Fechado
02 Código 13 - Código 13
03 MC Jack - Centro da Cidade
04 O Credo - O Credo
05 O Credo - Deus a Visão Cega
06 Thaide & DJ Hum - Homens da Lei
07 Código 13 - Gritos do Silencio
08 MC Jack - Calafrio (Melô do Terror)
09 MC Jack - A Minha Banana
10 MC Jack - Vício
11 MC Jack - Cidade Maldita
12 Código 13 - Loucura
13 Código 13 - Teu Negócio é Grana
14 Código 13 - A Garota da Casa

Download the complete compilation:
hip-hop: cultura de rua brazil cd 1988

Space Paradox

Yesterday, the Space Paradox completed its first month...

And for you who have not visited, do it now!

Good techno - Good music!


Dionne / Come Get My Lovin'


A Come Get My Lovin' (NYC Mix)
B1 Come Get My Lovin' (Midway Mix)
B2 Move Groove

come get my lovin' canada 12'' 1988

Digital Boys Featuring Cool De Suck / Techno (Dance To The House)


A Techno (Dance To The House)
B1 Kokko (Elettro Mix)
B2 Kokko (Suicide Mix)

techno (dance to the house) italy 12'' 1990

Clubbed To Death / Clubbed To Death (Compact Disc Experience)


01 Clubbed To Death (The First Mix)
02 Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Variation)
03 Clubbed To Death (La Funk Mob Variation)
04 Clubbed To Death (Peshay Remix)
05 Clubbed To Death (Spoon Mix)
06 Clubbed To Death (Clubbed To Death Darkside)

clubbed to death (compact disc experience) europe cds 1995

Doc Scott - N.H.S 2 / The Second Chapter


A1 N.H.S (Midnite Mix)
A2 N.H.S (Midday Mix)
AA1 Dope Wax
AA2 The Rider

n.h.s 2 / the second chapter uk 12'' promo 1992

Tekno 2 / Cum' On


A1 Cum' On (Garage City Remix)
A2 Cum' On (Club Mix)
AA1 Cum' On (Aaaah Mix)
AA2 Cum' On (Radio Mix)

cum' on uk 12'' 1992

Various / PCP E.P.


A1 The Mover - Nightflight (Nonstop To Kaos)
B1 Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived
B1 Trip Commando - Energy Tanks
B2 The Mover - Illuminated

pcp e.p. belgium 12'' 1992

2 In A Room / Wiggle It


01 Wiggle It (Radio Mix)
02 She's Got Me Going Crazy
03 Hype Stuff
04 House Junkie (1990 Version)
05 Got 'em On The Run
06 Bring It On Down
07 Body To Body
08 Do What You Want
09 Booty Hump
10 Soul Train
11 Rock Bottom
12 Rock The House
13 She's Got Me Going Crazy (Todd Terry Mix)
14 Wiggle It (David Morales Mix)

wiggle it us cd 1990

Sunday, February 19, 2012

2 In A Room / Do What You Want


A1 Do What You Want (12'' Remix)
A2 Do What You Want (The Deep Dub)
B1 Take Me Away (Vol. 1 Remix)
B2 Take Me Away (A Junior Vasquez Mix)

do what you want germany 12'' 1990

Saturday, February 18, 2012

LDV / Climb The Wall (Remixes)


A Climb The Wall (Club Mix)
B1 Climb The Wall (Remix)
B2 Climb The Wall (Factory Mix)

climb the wall (remixes) belgium 12'' 1992

Various / Do You Believe In Love?


01 Primal Scream - You're Just Dead Skin To Me
02 Jazz Butcher - Girl Go
03 Ride - Chelsea Girl
04 The Times - Snow
05 Tangerine - Organic
06 My Bloody Valentine - No More Sorry
07 Biff Bang Pow! - Hug Me Honey
08 The Weather Prophets - Always The Light
09 Something Pretty Beautiful - Freak Outburst
10 Love Corporation - Palatial II
11 Pacific - Shrift
12 Bounty Hunters - Everything's For Her

do you believe in love? uk cd 1990

Friday, February 17, 2012

Love Corporation / Dance Stance


01 Cathedrals Of Glitter (Monkey Mafia Mix)
02 Don't Fight It Flaunt It (Kris Needs Mix)
03 Palatial (Danny Rampling Mix)
04 Give Me Some Love (Andy Weatherall Mix)
05 And Then We Will Have World Peace (Tim Brown Mix)
06 Beware The Tranquil Trap (Midfield General Mix)
07 Your Mama Don't Dance And Your Daddy Don't Acid House (Ultra Living Mix)
08 Twilight Of Babylon (Mekon Mix)
09 Palatial (Scuba Mix)

dance stance uk cd 1997

Love Corporation / Intelligentsia


01 Translucent
02 Don't Fight It, Flaunt It
03 Twilight In Babylon
04 Cathedrals Of Glitter
05 And Then We'll Have World Peace
06 Unconditional Love's Going Out Of Fashion
07 The Majesty Of Melancholia
08 Beware The Tranquil Trap
09 Mind Gangsters
10 Your Mama Don't Dance And Your Daddy Don't Acid House
11 What Price Art?
12 Translucence

intelligentsia uk cd 1994

Love Corporation / Lovers


01 Love
02 Warm
03 Crystal
04 Sun
05 Happy
06 Nice
07 Lovers
08 Smile

lovers uk cd 1991

Love Corporation / Tones


01 Fleshtones
02 Monumental
03 Lovetones
04 Tones Of Incorporation
05 World
06 Palatial

tones uk cd 1990

Various / Keeping The Faith - A Creation Dance Compilation


01 Fluke - Philly (Jamorphous Mix)
02 Hypnotone - Dream Beam (Danny Rampling Mix)
03 Love Corporation - Palatial (Danny Rampling Mix)
04 Primal Scream - Come Together (HypnotoneBrainMachine Mix)
05 J.B.C. - We Love You (The Great Awakening)
06 My Bloody Valentine - Soon (Andy Weatherall Mix)
07 Sheer Taft - Cascades (Hypnotone Mix)
08 World Unite - World Unite
09 Primal Scream - Loaded (Terry Farley Mix)
10 Hypnotone - Hypnotonic
11 Crazy Eddie & Q.Q. Freestyle - Nena De Ibiza
12 The Sound Of Shoom Featuring Eusebe - I Hate Hate (Southwark St. Mix)

keeping the faith - a creation dance compilation uk cd 1991

Gino Latino - Welcome / Yo


A1 Welcome (Long Version)
A2 Welcome (Radio Version)
B1 Yo (Long Version)
B2 Yo (Radio Version)

welcome / yo us 12'' 1989

Monday, February 13, 2012

Goldie / Inner City Life


A Inner City Life (4 Hero Mix)
B1 Kemistry (Doc Scott Mix)
B2 Jah (BPM)

inner city life uk 12'' 1995

Starlight / Numero Uno


A Numero Uno (Club Mix)
B Numero Uno (Alternative Mix)

numero uno uk 12'' 1989

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Various / Turn Up The Bass - Volume 2


01 Hithouse - Move Your Feet To The Rhythm Of The Beat
02 The Wee Papa Girl Rappers - Heat It Up (Acid House Remix)
03 Taste Of Sugar - 'Hmmm, Hmmm'
04 Todd Terry Project - Weekend
05 Tony Scott - That's How I'm Living
06 Edwards & Armani - Sex (Acid Sex Mix)
07 Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - Get On The Dance Floor
08 Kraze - The Party
09 Royal House - Can You Party-
10 Cees & Bart - Wake Up, It's Party-Time
11 Erotic Dissidents - Move Your Ass & Feel The Beat
12 Neon - Voices (Remix)
13 J.J. Fad - Supersonic
14 Humanoid - Stakker Humanoid

turn up the bass - volume 2 netherlands cd 1989

Various / Turn Up The Bass - Volume 1


01 Ten City - That's The Way Love Is
02 Tyree - Turn Up The Bass
03 Amnesia - Ibiza
04 Hithouse - Jack To The Sound Of The Underground
05 A Split Second - Flesh
06 Mac Sample - House Inspector
07 Samantha Fox - Love House (Acid Remix)
08 D. Mob Featuring Gary Haisman - We Call It Acieed
09 Reese & Santonio - Rock To The Beat
10 Sample Syndicate - TBM Mix 2
11 The Residents - Kaw-Liga
12 Joe Smooth - Promised Land
13 Jamie Principle - Baby Wants To Ride
14 Brandon Cooke Featuring Roxanne Shante - Sharp As A Knife

turn up the bass - volume 1 netherlands cd 1989

Saturday, February 11, 2012

R.I.P. Whitney Houston

Big Audio Dynamite II / Rush


01 Rush (Album Version)
02 Rushdance
03 City Lights
04 Rush (Live)

rush us cdm 1991

Temple Of Life / EDP


A2 Relax Your Soul
B1 Slayer
B2 Trancetone

edp uk 12'' white label 1991

Thrust / Psychic Phenomena - Maximum Energy


A1 Thrust - Maximum Energy (Yo Party Mix)
A2 Thrust - Spiral Trance (Into The Light Mix)
B1 Psychic Phenomena - Can't U Feel It (Fingers And Thumb Mix)
B2 Psychic Phenomena - Sellafield (Re-Processed Mix)

maximum energy uk 12'' 1991

Black Machine / How Gee


01 How Gee (Radio Edit)
02 How Gee (Original Sax Mix)
03 How Gee (The Dakeyne Tea Dance Mix)
04 How Gee (Club Mix)
05 How Gee (Amalfi Mix)
06 How Gee (Catrina Mix)

how gee uk cds 1994

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