Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Sound Of Eden


A The Sound Of Eden (12)
B1 Armageddon
B2 The Sound Of Eden (Instrumental)

uk 12'' 1991

Thursday, June 21, 2012



01 The Final Frontier
02 Data Inadequate
03 Technah
04 Disbelief
05 Tempra (Full Iraqi Job)
06 Analogic (Pulsating Motor Mix)
07 Anger!
08 Befe
09 Mafich Arabi (Nin)
10 Anger! (Jimi's Revenge)

original released cassette 1991
uk reissue cd 2003



A Yashar
B Yashar (Original)

germany 12'' 1983

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Faith Healer


01 Faith Healer (LP Version)
02 Faith Healer (Trance Mix)
03 Faith Healer (Conspiracy Theory)
04 Faith Healer (Disbeliever Mix)
05 Faith Healer (Deformity)
06 Faith Healer (Barracuda Mix)
07 Faith Healer (Conspiracy (Double Bullet) Theory)

uk cds 1992

The FON Mixes


01 Instruments Of Darkness (All Of Us Are One People) (The Prodigy Mix)
02 Yebo (Interlude 1) (A Mark Gamble Mix)
03 Roller 10 (The Rhythmatic Mix)
04 Back To Backbeat (The Robert Gordon Mix)
05 Shades Of Paranoimia (The Carl Cox Mix)
06 Ode To A D.J. (Interlude 2) (A Mark Gamble Mix)
07 Catwalk (The Ground Mix)
08 Dragnet And Peter Gunn Have A Day At The Races (Interlude 3) (A Mark Gamble Mix)
09 Legs (The Graham Massey Mix)
10 L.E.F. (The Mark Brydon Mix)
11 I Of The Needled (The Sweet Exorcist Mix)
12 Crusoe (The LFO Mix)
13 The Art Of Slow Love (Youth (Slow Concept By Phil Barber))
14 No Sun (Interlude 4) (A Mark Gamble Mix)

us cd 1991

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Say No Go


A1 Say No Go (Say No Dope Mix)
A2 Say No Go (New Keys Vocal)
B1 Say No Go (Radio Mix)
B2 The Mack Daddy On The Left
B3 Say No Go (New Keys Instrumental)

us 12'' 1989


Disc One:

A1 Windows (Original First Take)
A2 Windows (Terry Lee Brown Junior's 'Double Glazed Dub')
B Windows (Victor Imbres 'Broken Glass Up Your Arse' Remix)

uk 12'' 1998

Disc Two:

A Windows (The Sharp Smash And Grab Remix)
B Windows (DEA 'Confessions Of A Window Cleaner' Remix)

uk 12'' 1998

Friday, June 15, 2012

Seduce Me


A Seduce Me (Version 1)
B Seduce Me (Version 2)

uk 12'' 1991

Special "Post No. 500"

Live Outside Shelley's, Longton - 15/9/91

The Car Park Videoshoot that Started The 91 Acid Revival No Prisoners Were Taken Hardcore - U Know The Score.

Activ 8

12'' 1991

Play With Knives / Plutonic


A Play With Knives (Quadrant Mix)
B Plutonic

germany 12'' 1991

Ride Like The Wind


01 (Factory Edit)
02 (Factory Mix)
03 (Piano Version)
04 (Oceanic Remix)
05 (Subway Mix)

europe cdm 1991

Groovy Feeling


A1 (Lolly Gobble Choc Bomb)
A2 (Nutty Chip Cornet)
B1 (Make Mine A 99)
B2 (Trick N Creamy)
C (Mr Whippy)
D (Screnball)

uk 2x12'' 1993

No Sell Out


A (Defender Mix)
AA1 (Blasteroids Mix)
AA2 Everybody

uk 12'' 1992



A1 (Euro-House Remix)
A2 (Euro-Piano Remix)
B1 (Nexus 21 Bio-Rhymatic Mix)
B2 (Original Instrumental Mix)

uk 12'' 1990

Out Of Control


A Out Of Control
B Frequency

uk 12'' 1990



A1 (Club House Mix)
A2 (Deep House Mix)
B1 (Bad Boy Bill Mix)
B2 (Mayday Mix)

uk 12'' 1990

Last Train To Paradise


A1 (Album Version)
A2 (Vocal)
A3 (Instrumental)
B1 (303)
B2 (Percussion)
B3 (Acappella)

italy 12'' 1992



01 (7'' Vocal)
02 (Club)
03 (Choice)
04 (12'' Vocal)

netherlands cdm 1993

20 Seconds To Comply


A (Final Conflict)
B (The Omen Mix)

uk 7'' 1989



01 (Extended Version)
02 (Emergency Version)
03 (Instrumental Version)

belgium cdm 1988

Too Be Nica To Be Real


A Too Be Nice To Be Real
B (Acid Remix)

belgium 12'' 1989

Maggie's Last Party


A (Club Mix)
B1 (Radio Mix)
B2 (Beats + Bass Mix)

uk 12'' 1991

We Wanna Go Back


A We Wanna Go Back
B Like Old Movies

belgium 12'' 1995

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Music


A1 An Open Secret
A2 Journey With The Ally
B1 I'm Sorry (Clairvoyage)
B2 The Eternal Insomnia Of Living

us 12'' 1994

Let The Rhythm Pump


A1 Let The Rhythm Pump (12'' Vocal)
A2 Let The Rhythm Pump (Long Instrumental Version)
B1 Let The Rhythm Pump (Chop Dub Version)
B2 Let The Rhythm Pump (Acapella Version)

uk 12'' 1989

Saturday, June 09, 2012

What The World Is Waiting For


01 Fools Gold
02 What The World Is Waiting For
03 Fools Gold

germany cds 1989



A1 Abducted (U.F.O Mix)
A2 Abducted (LSD Mix)
B1 Abducted (T-Power Remix)
B2 Jungle Bossanova

Bonus: Musical Section (The River Of Action Remix)

us 12'' 1995

Friday, June 08, 2012

Deep Live


A1 Here Today
A2 Darkside
A3 Desert Wind
A4 Lai Lah
A5 Data Inadequate
B1 Final Frontier
B2 Anger
B3 Analogic
B4 Gamelah
B5 Hard Head

uk cassette 1992

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Vicious Games


A Vicious Games (Vocal)
B Vicious Games (Instr.)

germany 12'' 1985

Monday, June 04, 2012

You Can Take My Body


A You Can Take My Body (Vamp Dance Mix)
B1 You Can Take My Body (Exotic Mix)
B2 You Can Take My Body (Radio Version)

belgium 12'' 1989

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Poor Kaw-Liga's Pain


01 Poor Kaw-Liga's Pain
02 Kaw-Liga (Original Mix)
03 Kaw-Liga (Single Mix)
04 Kaw-Liga (Housey Mix)
05 Kaw-Liga (Stripped Mix)
06 Kaw-Liga (Nightmare Mix)
07 Kaw-Liga (Horror Mix)
08 Kaw-Liga (Prarie Mix)
09 Kaw-Live-Ga

europe cd 1994