Sunday, December 25, 2011


I'll be back in two weeks.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Green Velvet - Land Of The Lost / The Mixes


A1 Land Of The Lost (Pooley's Infected Mix)
A2 Land Of The Lost (Swag's Primitive Mix)
B1 Land Of The Lost (Laidback Luke Mix)
B2 Land Of The Lost (Sunrise Society Mix)

land of the lost / the mixes belgium 12'' 1997

Metro Dade - Minimoon / The Syrinx


A Minimoon
AA The Syrinx

minimoon / the syrinx belgium 12'' 1997

Various / Junior Boy's Own Collection


01 Fire Island - Fire Island
02 X-Press 2 - London X-Press
03 Underworld - Rez
04 Outrage - That Piano Track
05 Men With Sticks - 3rd Eye
06 Underworld - Dirty Guitar
07 Roach Motel - Movin' On
08 The Dust Brothers - Song To The Siren
09 X-Press 2 - Muzik X-Press
10 Lemon Interupt - Bigmouth
11 Fire Island - There But For The Grace Of God

junior boy's own collection uk cd 1994

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Hypnotist / The Complete Hypnotist 91-92 "Let Us Pray"


A1 Rainbows In The Sky
A2 Death By Dub
A3 Pioneers Of The Warped Groove
B1 Death In Frankfurt
B2 Night Of The Living E Heads
B3 Prometheus
C1 Hardcore You Know The Score
C2 Day Of The Tripheads
C3 God Of The Universe
D1 House Is Mine
D2 Pypee's Magic Journey
D3 Hymn

the complete hypnotist 91-92 ''let us pray'' uk 2 x lp 1992

Dilemma / Erase Your Mind


A Erase Your Mind
B1 Spaceparadox
B2 Hyperbolic

erase your mind belgium 12'' 1990

Various / Multiculture - Dance With A Foreigner


A1 M.B. Free - Awakening
A2 Technoline Feat. The Essence - People Of All Nations
A3 Brain United - Dance With The Foreigner
A4 Energizer - Touch The Energy
B1 U-Tek - Bete (Rote Bete Mix)
B2 Robur - Kollaps
B3 Age - Pulse

multiculture - dance with a foreigner germany lp 1991

Tech-Noise / Do You Want Me


A1 Do You Want Me
A2 Every Body Run
B Stormy Weather

do you want me belgium 12'' 1991

Friday, December 16, 2011



A1 1999
A2 Annihilator
B1 I Do Say Acid
B2 Energize Your Soul

nasa ep germany 12'' 1992

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The ChemicalBeats Selection Three "Part Two: Weatherall Mixes Part 7"


01 James - Come Home (Weatherall Mix) [from "James" japan compilation]
02 Brothers Love Dubs - The Mighty Ming (Sabres Of Paradise Mix) [from "Now That's What I Call Ming Vol. 1" LP]
03 Cut Copy - Sun God (Andrew Weatherall Remix) [NEW]
04 Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart - Bomba (Nonsonicus Maximus Mix) [from "Bomba" 12'']
05 Stereo MC's - Everything (Sabres On Main Street) [from "Everything" 12'' promo]

part two: weatherall mixes part 7 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lee Marrow / To Go Crazy (In The 20th Century)


A To Go Crazy (In The 20th Century) (Mix Version)
B1 To Go Crazy (In The 20th Century) (Extended Version)
B2 To Go Crazy (In The 20th Century) (City Version)

to go crazy (in the 20th century) germany 12'' 1990

Lee Marrow / Pain


A Pain
AA Pain (Instrumental)

pain uk 12'' 1990

Harold Faltermeyer / Axel F (The M & M Mix)


A Axel F (M And M Mix)
B1 Axel F (Extended Version)
B2 Shoot Out

axel f (the m & m mix) spain 12'' 1984

Aphrohead / In The Dark We Live (Remixes)


A1 In The Dark We Live (Dave Clarke's 312 Mix)
A2 In The Dark We Live (Da Housecat's Unreleased Mix)
B In The Dark We Live (Dave Clarke's 313 Mix)

in the dark we live (remixes) belgium 12'' 1994

Friday, December 09, 2011

Monday, December 05, 2011

Egyptian Empire / The Horn Track


A The Horn Track (Original Mix)
B1 The Horn Track (Foghorn Mix)
B2 The Horn Track (Toxic 2 Mix)

the horn track uk 12'' 1992

Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Aloof / Agent O

All credits and a special thanks to "HIGHER THAN THE SUN" for this record.


A Agent O (The Full Rant Mix)
B Agent O (Life's A Gas Mix)

agent o uk 12'' 1994