Thursday, July 30, 2020

I'm So High

A1 I'm So High
A2 I'm So High (Ubud Mix)
B1 Transmission: Maya
B2 Powertrance

12" 1991

Cap'm Stargazer Vs Commander Mindfuck


A1 Battle On The Tundra (The Initial Citrus Earthquake Confrontation)
A2 The Mindfuck Introspective Ancestral Channeling Pilgrimage
B Allied Against Nivar The Floor Killer

12" 1994

Saturday, July 04, 2020

Alien Dreamtime


01 Archaic Revival
02 Transient Generator
03 Alien Love
04 Speaking In Tongues
05 Aerobatic
06 Timewave Zero

cd 1993

Energy On Vinyl


A1 Give Yourself To Me
A2 Heaven
A3Ragga Rave
A4 Manic
B5 Vinyl Energy
B6 Rhythmatix
B7 Nu-Groove
B8 Vinyl Scare

12" 1992

Friday, July 03, 2020

Chant To Jah: Sandoz In Dub


01 King Dread
02 Higher Than That
03 Scientific Exploitation
04 Chant To Jah
05 Spiritual Vibe
06 Straight Forward Rasta
07 Cockpit Country
08 Unity Dub

cd 2002 (originally released in 1998)


A1 The Parallax View (Warp Mix)
A2 The Parallax View (Bleep Mix)
A3 The Parallax View (Nordic Dub)
B1 The Parallax View (Warp Radio Edit)
B2 The Parallax View (Original Mix)
B3 The Parallax View (Scandinavian Mix)

12" 1991

Killer Techno


01 Zero Zero - Zeroxed
02 U.H.F. - U.H.F.
03 Aircut - Visual Attack
04 Moby - Go (Rainforest Mix)
05 Niko - Oh Yeah
06 Church Of Extacy - Church Of Extacy
07 Liquid Metal - Mr Dynomite
08 Andromeda - Gazza
09 Ground Level - God Intended
10 Tomandandy - Indians

cd 1992

New Acid House Techno Beat Compilation


A1 The Moneymakers - Big Hit
A2 The Airplane Crashers - White Rabbit
A3 The Hippies On LSD - Love & Peace
A4 Probably The Best Band In The World - Jack The House
A5 The Techno Bastards - Just For The Ladies
B1 The Acid Kids - I Love You
B2 The Acid Kids - Help
B3 The Vacuum Cleaners - Keep Your Nose Clean
B4 The Crumbsuckers - X T C

12" 1988

This Must be Belgium


A1 Hithouse - Move Your Feet To The Rhythm Of The Beat
A2 Sample Syndicat - TBM Mix - 2 (Acid House Mix)
A3 Beathoven - Call The Cops (Tomcat Mix)
A4 Plastic Bertrand - Slave To The Beat
A5 New Beat Express - I Love You & I Hate You
A6 Taste Of Sugar - Golden Shower
B1 Confetti's - C In China (Acid Remix!)
B2 Channel 5 - This Is A Test
B3 Humanoid - Stakker Humanoid
B4 Real Man - Fashion Victims
B5 Driving Force - Rock This World
B6 Periclis - Nuit D'Ivresse

12" 1989

Thursday, July 02, 2020

12 Years of Chemical Beats

I´ve been far away for a long time, leaving this blog with no posts. It´s true that for more than two years without nothing is kind of a stop rather than a pause. Anyway I´m back (at least for now) to celebrate 12 years of Chemical Beats sharing my favorite old tunes with you.

Hope you enjoy!