Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Every Man Got Dreaming


01 Morning Star
02 Heist
03 Sniper
04 Future Past
05 Shadowmask
06 Glass Factory
07 The Wreckers

cd 1995
part 1 / part 2 / part 3


Anonymous said...

Phew! I can breath again: welcome back! You have been missed. I trust your 'shipboard' experience was fruitfull!

I have only been on the ocean once, with my girl friend in 1972, on our way from Cadiz, Spain, to the Canary Islands. Onboard was a troop of French soldiers on their way to a 5 year deployment somewhere in Africa. With our limited Canadian learned French, we found many of them were excited about their next 5 years, and many were dreading it. We were 'hippies' on a hitch-hiking tour of whatever we could find. We ended up spending almost 4 months living with a family on Gran Canaria.


zttco said...

Exactly as you said: it was completelly fruitfull for me. I love the sea, then I loved the experience on board.

I did a cruise ship, doing ports in Italy and Spain until december. Then, the ship came for the Brazilian season. I was supposed to stay on board until february but a new brazilian legislation doesn't allow Bralians to saty on board for more than seven months, so they disembarched me.

Anyway, it was amazing.
For now we are back with the blog, I will try to feed it with records I'm listening now, as I have always done. But I don't want to do it rock oriented (I'm listening records from German 70's now, mostly krautrock/Prog).

Download all the Kirk's solo albums, I'm sure you will be impressed. Some posts ago, before my absense, I uploaded Digital Lifeforms, his debut. Now Intensely Radioactive and Every Man Got Dreaming, and there are maybe three more coming. They are a bit hard to find in a good quality, as you can check it is very hard to find anything to listen on Youtube because his albums are very copy protected.