Saturday, July 09, 2016

Out for a while

Sorry friends.

I'll be out for a while. I'm working on board a ship in Italy/Spain. So, I'm far from my stuff and I can't do any upload/post for a long time. I hope you understand and keep your eyes on the blog.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

good luck at the job, thanx fr your posting, man.

RA Feutz said...

We'll wait! Have a great time while you're out there!

JAM said...

good luck. how long, do you think? a month? three months? let us know so we can mark our calendars. ;)

Mike Oxlong said...

have a blast mate, I'll see you on the flipside

Solcofn said...

Stay safe. Hope to see you back soon!

Anonymous said...

HAve a blast my friend !

Greetings from the South of Italy (Taranto).

- Technotronic -

. said...

Hi boss! How was your trip and work on it?
Hope everything well dude, we miss you boss! ;)
Take care, cheers and see you soon
All the best from Mars

Anonymous said...

We are waiting you with impatience :)
Miss you boss!!