Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Back And To The Left


01 In The Beginning
02 Reality Labyrinth
03 Make Me Forget
04 Back And To The Left
05 Big Surprize
06 Left Hand, Right Hand
07 Fish
08 Ultimate Flower
09 Trouble And Desire
10 So
11 My Time Is Yours (Past, Present And Future)

Illuminate The Planet Club Versions - Rare And Forgotten

01 Diamond Bullet (Act 6_ Virtual Power Mixed By Sven Röhrig)
02 Illumination (Remixed By Mijk Van Dijk)
03 Two Three Five (Remixed By Dr Motte)
04 Diamond Bullet (Finale_ Rough Diamond Remix By Cosmic Baby)
05 Punishing The Atoms (Remixed By Paul Van Dyk)
06 Super Illuminated (Remixed By Voov)
07 Illuminate The Planet (Razormaid! Remix Re-edit By Joseph Watt)
08 Complete Mental Breakdown (Special Edit - Remixed By Dominic Woosey)
09 Make Me Forget (Ok! It's Forgotten. A Heavy Remix By Commander Krilly)

germany 2xcd 1996
part 1 / part 2

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RA Feutz said...

Awesome! Thank you for sharing this Double CD release! I was looking to buy it about two weeks ago. Incredible timing. Thanks again!