Thursday, April 03, 2014



01 Integration
02 Outlantis
03 Enter
04 Adelaar
05 Transmission
06 Imbe
07 Translation
08 Area 39
09 Beweging
10 Time
11 18th Breath
12 Innermost
13 Onsterfelijkheid

canada cd 2006
Thanks for this NIV!


Unknown said...

reup FLAC please

zttco said...

I can't do it now, sorry. I have a copy of this but it's in my stuff.

Be patience.

Unknown said...

thank you for answering, i sold the original cd a couple years ago without having made a WAV copy(

Unknown said...

still having hope)

Unknown said...

I can offer you a WAV Copy of PWOGs Out Now! CD instead

zttco said...

Hello, friend. I'm far from my stuff now. When I go back home remind me and I'll do it for you. When you see new posts means I'm back.

Best regards,