Sunday, August 11, 2013

Special Chemical Beats 5 Years Part 3: Broadcast Standard Issue

No. 1

A1 Cantamilla
A2 Mya Yadana (Kin Kin)
B1 Cantamilla (Broadcast Standard)
B2 They Came In Peace (Sea Of Tranquility)

No. 2

A1 Cantamilla (Bomb Pop)
A2 Cantamilla (Ski Room Stew)
B1 Mya Yadana (Brain Broke)
B2 They Came In Peace

us 12'' 1994


Lu said...

Happy Birthday CB!


stevoid said...

Sensational music that I haven't heard for years.Thanks for posting,some great memories....

kieran said...

lovely stuff, cheers.

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