Sunday, March 04, 2012

Beautiful People / If 60's Were 90's


Disc 1
01 Comin' To Get You
02 Get Your Mind Together
03 If 60's Was 90's
04 Stone Crazy
05 Rilly Groovy
06 Happiness On The Wind
07 Sock It To Me
08 Feel The Heat
09 The Sea... Eventually

Disc 2
01 Rilly Groovy (Well Hung Parliament Remix)
02 Comin' To Get You (Youth Remix)
03 If 60's Were 90's (Ben Mitchell Remix)
04 If 60's Were 90's (P.M. Dawn Remix)
05 If 60's Were 90's (P.M. Dawn 12'' Remix)
06 Comin' To Get You (Jimi's Magic Sparkler - Youth)

if 60's were 90's europe album/ep 1994

"All songs based around Jimi Hendrix samples."

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