Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Stone Roses / The Remixes


01 Shoot You Down (The Soul Hooligan Remix)
02 Fools Gold (Top Won Mix)
03 Made Of Stone (808 State Mix)
04 Waterfall (12'' Remix)
05 One Love (Utah Saints Remix)
06 I Wanna Be Adored (Bloody Valentine Edit)
07 Fools Gold (Grooverider's Mix)
08 I Am The Resurrection (Jon Carter Remix)
09 Waterfall (Justin Robertson's Mix)
10 She Bangs The Drum (Elephant Mix)
11 Elizabeth My Dear (Kinobe Remix)
12 Elephant Stone (Mint Royale Remix)

the remixes uk cd 2000


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!

pham said...

fantastic choice! great album!

still loving Ian's voice