Sunday, March 13, 2011

Voodoo Records / The Complete Catalog

Launched in June 2001, located in Liverpool, this label is associated with the Voodoo club. Releases club tracks by the resident DJs. [Discogs]

Ben Sims / SpaceDJz - Voodoo 1

A Ben Sims - (Voodoo) Tribe
B1 SpaceDJz - Port-Au-Prince
B2 SpaceDJz - In Search Of Mr. Big

Rude Solo / Craig Walsh - Voodoo 2

Rude Solo - also known as Two Lone Swordsmen (Andrew Weatherall and Keith Tenniswood). [Discogs]

A1 Rude Solo - Vous Do Funk?
A2 Rude Solo - Awoken By Beetles
B Craig Walsh - Spaark

Umek / Ignition Technician - Voodoo 3

A Umek - Entozan
B1 Ignition Technician - Foundation
B2 Ignition Technician - Hit And Run

Ade Fenton / Dez Williams - Voodoo 4

A1 Ade Fenton - Which Doctor
A2 Ade Fenton - Suck My Art
B Dez Williams - Personal Nightmare

the complete catalog uk 4 x 12'' 2001 / 2002

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