Monday, November 10, 2008

The Chemical Brothers / Music: Response (US EP) (2000)

01 Music: Response
02 Freak Of The Week
03 Enjoyed
04 Music: Response (Gentleman Thief Mix)
05 Music: Response (Futureshock Main Response)
06 Out Of Control (Live At Glastonbury 2000)
07 Got Glint (Live At Glastonbury 2000)
big beat, acid house, progressive house
Download (4shared)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the upload! However, password doesn't work unfortunately.

alanz said...

the password works!
I have had many complaints about this,
but fortunately always resolved the "doubts"!

Avoid copy and paste the password,
Always try typing it.
so you avoid problems of having spaces at the beginning and end.
if you copy and paste,
make certain that the spaces not copied from the beginning and the end of the password.

Anonymous said...

The file doesn't download properly! When it ends it gives an error and can't be unziped! I have even used rar and copied the password and still it says that there are no files to extract!!!