Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Boards Of Canada / Old Tunes Vol. 2 (Cassette) (1996)

A1 We've Started Up
A2 Jimbo Rehearsing
A3 Staircase Whip
A4 Statue Of Liberty
A5 Dave (I'm A Real Traditionalist)
A6 Peace-Tony-Devil
A7 To The Wind
A8 Iraq Says
A9 Mine-Rubber Wisdom
A10 On A Rolling Sea
A11 Iced Cooly Beatnik
A12 David Came To Mahana'im
A13 Sir Prancelot Brainfire
A14 North Sea Arbeit
A15 Mushyz
A16 Heysanna Hosanna
A17 Fly in The Pool
A18 Muckinabaht
A19 It's A Whole Nother Year
B1 Kiteracer 2
B2 BMX Track
B3 Hiscores
B4 Geometric Piss
B5 Zander Two
B6 Magic Teens
B7 Apparatus
B8 Music For Pylons
B9 Alpha Rainbow
B10 Northern Plastics
B11 Buckie High
B12 I Love My New Shears
B13 Solarium
B14 Breaking Nehushtan
B15 Orange Hexagon Sun
B16 Lick
B17 Powerline Misfortune
IDM, ambient, downtempo
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Anonymous said...

hmm... i though i had this but this seems completely different from all the Boards of Canada archve stuff that i have.

btw -- BoC fans are trying to organize for the band to do some shows. I like the DIY mentality a lot.

Anonymous said...



Have a DIFFERENT password than the rest of the archive?? Why?

Anonymous said...

I love the dark melancholy style of BoC music. The 'lo-fi' sound quality from the cassetes adds a certain darkness and claustrophobic sound that you wouldn't necessarily get if it were digitally remastered/processed.