Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Boards Of Canada / A Few Old Tunes Vol. 1 (Cassette) (1996)

A1 Spectrum
A2 Light, Clear, Hair
A3 P.C.
A4 Trapped
A5 Rodox Video
A6 Happy Cycling
A7 House of Abin'adab
A8 Finity
A9 Forest Moon
A10 Skimming Stones
A11 Carcan
A12 Devil
A13 Mansel
A14 She is P
A15 Davie Addison
B1 Sac
B2 Blockbusters
B3 I Will Get it Tattooed
B4 The Way you Show
B5 I Love U
B6 King of Carnival
B7 M9
B8 Original Nlogax
B9 Sequoia
B10 Boqurant
B11 5-9-78
B12 Wendy Miller
B13 Paul Russell's Piece
B14 Up the March Bank
B15 Nova Scotia Robots
IDM, ambient, downtempo
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