Saturday, January 10, 2009

B12 - Musicology

Musicology (UK 12'' Vinyl Promo) (1991)

A1 Fear Of Expression
A2 Telefone 52
B1 Metropolis
B2 Obsessed

Hall Of Mirrors (UK 12'' Vinyl) (1992)

A1 Hall Of Mirrors
A2 Satori
B1 Mondrin
B2 Boundries

Outlook (UK 12'' Vinyl) (1992)

A1 Preminition
A2 Unknown Future
B1 Bubbles
B2 Virtual Reality

techno, abstract, experimental, IDM
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Anonymous said...

Always loved B12 and Musicology. Thank you so much for this great gift!

Anonymous said...

Me again. Just listening. Isn't this beautiful?! I love Detroit Techno in general, but this is especially good. Thanks again!