Thursday, December 04, 2008

Lionrock / City Delirious (1998)

01 Push Button Cocktail
02 Rude Boy Rock
03 Electric Hairdo
04 City Delirious
05 Best Foot Forward
06 Rock Steady Romance
07 She's On The Train
08 Scatter & Swing
09 Wet Roads Glisten
10 A Cellar Full Of Noise
11 Canal Heist
12 Zip Gun Rumble
13 It's Panoramic
14 Amazing New Product
big beat, techno
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Unknown said...

obrigado , lo estaba buscando por mucho tiempo :)

Unknown said...

obrigado, please go on whit the page :)

salvador pereira ,alfredo gonzalez said...

obrigado, go on whit the page :)

Anonymous said...

Obrigado. Muchas gracias. También llevo muuuucho tiempo buscandolo.

jezatron said...

thanks for this, but it's expired... any chance of a re-up? sorry I know its an old one.