Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Aphex Twin / On


A1 On
A2 73 Yips
B1 D-Scape
B2 Xepha

on uk 12'' white label 1993


Upuout said...


I really like what You are doing here.
That`s why I set a Link to your work from the
Sidebar of my Blog ( http://upuout.blogspot.com )
How abaout a Backlink?
It`s not that i delete the Link to You if You don't set
a Backlink to me but it would be Nice to get one from You.

Greetings from Ivor Schandor aka UPUOUT from "Mein ultimativer Spaßblog"

alanz said...


Cloudnein said...

This song just kills me, in the best possible way. It reminds me of being 16 again and just discovewring "machine music" and it reminds me of how good music can still be. Thx

Goomba said...

Heya mate, i was really excited to get this and then BOOM! a kick in the teeth... I clicked the link and it took me to to some funky page, so i click the link and wait and click downloan, and wtf.. it starts the who process all over again.. so im guessing the link is messed up... could you please check it out and fix it.....Cheers

Goomba said...

Heya man... love the blog.. i had a little trouble here with this DL, after waiting for the download link to pop up i click on it and it brings me right back to have to wait again... So might wanna check it out... Im looking forward to DLing it...Cheers..