Sunday, October 18, 2009

Underworld - Spikee / Dogman Go Woof


01 Spike
02 Dogman Go Woof

spike / dogman go woof uk cdm 1993


EJvO said...

hi, i'm looking for some hard to find chemical brothers tracks like Hot Acid Rhythm, the rock drill (proper hiQ version), Monsoon and several other B-sides that aren't on this rather awesome release:

zttco said...

what that "the rock drill (HiQ proper version)"?

probably something unofficial,
they know only the original version of 2005 made for tate tracks with other artists in the inspiring works of art

zttco said...

Hot Acid Rhythm 1 is the single It Began In Afrika, which I'm not mistaken already posted here,

if you have not posted, let me know that the Post

EJvO said...

thanks! my collection is nearly complete now. if you need a CB track i probably have it.

EJvO said...

thanks! must have missed the IBIA post. if you need a CB track, i can probably help you out.

zttco said...

for me also is almost complete, I lack a little;
and if you have:

life is sweet - us promo
(especially the track in dust we trust (edit))

the salmon dance remixes edits -

The Salmon Dance (Daft Mix)

Midnight Madness (Alternate Edit) -

beyond that, what you need I have, and if you can help me with what I need.

contact-me in e-mail

(sorry for my bad English, I'm Brazilian and not the domain very well English, so I do not usually respond much the comments)