Saturday, September 27, 2008

T99 / Children Of Chaos (Japan Edition) (1992)

01 Intro
02 Catwalk
03 Anasthasia
04 Maximizor
05 After Beyond
06 Gardiac
07 The Parkers
08 Nocturne
09 Perspectivo
10 The Skydreamer
11 Dogwalk
12 The Equation
13 The Skydreamer Dreams On
14 Anasthasia (House Jam Mix)
15 Catwalk (12'' Remix)
16 Revenge Of The Gardian
17 Nocturne (6 O'Clock Mix)
breakbeat, hardcore, techno
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notes: All tracks produced by Patrick De Meyer and Olivier Abbeloos.
vocals: Zenon Zevenbergen, Perla den Boer and Patricia Balrak. Originally released on May 18th 1992.


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Greetings from Canada. I bought this years ago as a cassette for my 'Walkman'. That tape died long ago (the 'Walkman' still works though!) so I am very excited to find this posting. Many thanks.